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My Awards [
December 21st, 2006 @ 7:43pm
My Iconawards XDCollapse )

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Friends only [
December 7th, 2006 @ 6:22pm
[ mood | happy ]

Soo...my ancient LJ...
I have to re-edit this post, because this makes me look a total retard. Oh well, I was a little child back then so here's the edited post:

This Journal is Friends only. I'd like to make it public, but I would feel somewhat uncomfortable when writing more...personal stuff. Feel free to add me, but that doesn't mean I'll add you back. It would be nice if we had something in common...or even know each other :>
So here's something you should read before adding me ...or something:

//Depending on my mood, I can be very hyper and type everything with CAPSLOCK, but I don't spam "LOL" or "XD" as I used to.

//I love Yuri. This hasn't changed. And yes, there will be some major fangirling over it, too from time to time. If the fangirling will be too..."much", I'll tag it with [yurifangirling][/yurifangirling]. So if you don't want to read my rants just pay attention to the tags.

//I hate Yaoi (all: HYPOCRITE!!123456789! O<). Well...if you like that stuff. OK. But be insightful: If you are one of those obsessed/annoying/heterophobic fangirls, screw yourself. And if you like SasuNaru/NaruSasu, then screw yourself, too. If you are nice Yaoi fan, who can shut up, then I think I'll be able to socialize with you.

//Yes, I'm a fangirl. So don't be surprised if I rant about useless stuff. :>

//Don't mind the teenage wangst, ok?

//I'm quite perverted...

//As English isn't my first language, don't expect too much from my English. But I'm confident in my English skillz, so yeah. But if I make some mistakes, PLEASE correct me!

//Comments are <3


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December 6th, 2006 @ 8:52pm
[ mood | okay ]

Well there it is! o-o My LJ! XDD
thx Kin for helping me! (the rest, i made it by myself xD)
I really don't have an idea what to post. I "revived" my account (this account ain't new, i made this acount some months ago), because i'm interested in the Icon contests xDDDD (and Kin told me so >D)

Some months ago, i was quite depressed and the entries were all private
I don't wanna have to do with that time anymore, so i deleted all of the entries...

XD that was it

Aya =3

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